Sustainability and RSE


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Certification: since 2015, Acepalma has been certified in RSPO supply chain, including the chain custody which identifies the sustainable product traceability, from production to delivery to the final costumer.

In 2017, Acepalma obtained the ISCC (EU and PLUS) supply chain Certification, which apply to different markets in a large number of countries. The ISCC implementation includes: environmental and social criteria, traceability in the supply chain, and calculation of the greenhouse gas emissions.



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At Acepalma, we understand the value and importance of environmental management to provides a connection with the most important landmarks of sustainable development - economic, environmental, and social; in a setting where respect for the environment is all-important.

Therefore, our environmentally friendly management policy advocates for measures to prevent and mitigate environmental impacts during all our operations, at the same time, to ensure compliance with current regulations, by the adoption of approaches that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

Here lies the true importance of:

  • Reducing the risk of causing damage to the environment, where Acepalma and Solutrans have created within both companies “The classification system for the solid waste program” making better use of the waste originating in the workplace by recycling; material which is made available to partner organizations like: Fundación Niños de los Andes, Fundación Sanar and Pilas con el Ambiente, in charge of their collection and delivered to final disposition; completing the cycle sustainably, and obtaining economic resources for the children of these foundations.

  • Optimizing energy consumption by making efficient use of this resource, and looking ahead to the future the adoption of clean energy.

  • Promoting the proper handling of products and their packaging disposition.




Social responsibility

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In terms of social responsability Acepalma and Solutrans aim to act favourably with regards to the economic balance, social welfare, and the exploitation of natural resources and the environment. That is why we support non-profit organizations responsible for the care of children, adolescents, and adults with Special Educational Needs, whose rights have been infringed in some way.

Thus the project Acepalma and Solutrans united from the heart with the Fundation “Hogar San Mauricio” was born where the objective is to involve employees in a social labour by donating time, where people share care, entertainment and more. Additionally, Acepalma and Solutrans made a financial donation to improve a part of the infrastructure in order to improve the classrooms and learning environment.

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