About Us

Who we are?

We were created by Fedepalma, the Colombia Palm Oil Federation, in 1991 and today Acepalma has 30 years of experience in international and national palm oil trading, selling and producing fertilizers mainly for palm oil, banana and rubber crops, trading inputs for the biodiesel plants and transporting all of these goods from the ports to the plantations and vice versa.



We have 148 shareholders, all of them are oil palm growers or palm oil mills.


Our commitment

We are committed with the environment protection and society, for that reason, we are certified in RSPO (Roundtable Sustainability Palm Oil) under the following modules: mass balance, segregated and identity preserved and ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification).



We offer the transport service of liquid and dry cargo from and to almost any point in Colombia.

Our Value Proposition

We develop value in the palm ecosystem through the build of profitable relationships, and services in trading, logistics and financing.

Our Values


We recognize the values of the people, ourselves and the environment around us.


We demonstrate transparency in our actions and in relation to others.


We accomplish the commitments and have the ability to assume the consequences of our actions.


We achieve the goals with dedication and optimism.


The certainty of the protection of our own goods and the one delivered by customers.

Our numbers

Logistic Capacity

Mapa Colombia

Our Plant of fertilizers is located at Santa Marta, also, Acepalma has its own storage and rented tanks for its operations.