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Data Protection Policy


Personal Data Protection Policy

C.I. Acepalma S.A.
Address: Bogotá D.C. Calle 90 N° 19 – 41 of 303 y Santa Marta Kilómetro 5.5. Vía alterna al puerto sector Mamatoco.
Correo electrónico:
Telephone: 3171387 Ext. 7703

This Personal Data Protection Policy seeks to recognize the constitutional right of all-natural persons such as customers, suppliers, shareholders, and employees to know, update and rectify the information that has been collected in databases or files for commercial and administrative purposes C.I. Acepalma S.A.'s corporate purpose.

It also seeks to reduce the risk of accidental or intentional disclosure, modification, destruction, or misuse of the data collected, as well as to ensure proper handling under the principles for the treatment of personal data in accordance with Article 4 of the Statutory Law No. 1581 of 2012.

The attention to the holder of the personal data stored by C.I. Acepalma S.A., with respect to the correction, suppression, update, and rectification will be made through the Personal Data Protection Officer, at the e-mail

Bogotá, december 2019. 


Policy General Conditions

The data collected from customers, suppliers, and shareholders that are deposited in the forms for the registration of customers, suppliers, shareholders, established in the Quality Management System, will be of a commercial nature for contact and for the fulfillment of the corporate purpose of the company and will not be of a sensitive nature. Each format will remain under the custody of each process responsible as determined in the procedures.

No data will be collected on racial or ethnic origin, political orientation, religious or philosophical convictions, membership in trade unions, human rights social organizations, or organizations that promote the interests of any political party or that guarantee the rights and guarantees of opposition political parties. Neither data related to health, sex life, and biometric data.

The general data of minors will be taken only for the purpose of organizing the New Year's Eve party for the employee's children, with the express written authorization of the legal representative of the minor. Such information will be about the name and age and will be in the custody of the Responsible Human Resources Specialist of C.I. Acepalma S.A. and Solutrans S.A.S. with restricted access to other employees of the companies. Similarly, there will be no external publication by any official of the photos taken at social events of the companies without the express authorization of employees and / or legal representatives of minors. The authorization by the legal representative of the minor for the collection of data and taking of photographs shall be recorded in the form GC-FR-17 Authorization for collection of data and photographs of minors.

The disclosure, distribution, or transfer of personal data of employees, customers, suppliers, and shareholders, such as personal cell phone number, home or family telephone number, home address, or any other personal data is not allowed without the prior express authorization of the owner. The only authorized contact will be the one registered as an emergency contact if necessary and will be made by the Human Resources Specialist in charge or the person delegated by him/her for such purpose.

Corporate e-mail is for work purposes only, therefore, it should not be used to send advertising information such as offers, events, membership information, agreements, product promotion, etc., that do not have to do with the corporate purpose of the companies or the social welfare of the employees.

Access control to SAP of C.I. Acepalma S.A. and Solutrans S.A.S., as well as access to the network and internet management is regulated under the GI-PO-04 Information Security Policy.

Access to the correction, addition, and deletion of personal data is exclusive to the Personal Data Protection Officer. Modification, deletion or elimination will only be made when the holder makes the express request in writing; such request will be handled by the Data Protection Officer in accordance with paragraph 16 of this program. If received by any employee of C.I. Acepalma S.A. or Solutrans S.A.S., he/she must immediately inform the Officer by e-mail in order to carry out the corresponding procedure.